Company Standards

Our company employs the best software development practices:

  • modern languages and frameworks: .NET/C# (Visual Studio), Java / Kotlin (IntelliJ Idea), Angular JS / React
  • code style agreements
  • 100% code review in Crucible
  • version control systems Mercurial / Git
  • issue trackers Jira / YouTrack
  • automatic CI/CD pipelines (GitLab)
  • unit / functional / burn tests

Projects are fulfilled on high professional level conforming to the modern European/US standards and regulations. Each line of software source code is 100% tested and reviewed to get unrivalled quality.

As a marker fact, we can claim a bug found by our team in the world's most known development environment (Microsoft Visual Studio), specifically in its compiler. The bug had been present for 13 years and Microsoft officially confirmed and fixed it.