About us

The company was founded in 2008 and resides in Volgograd, Russia. Since establishment, we have fulfilled more than 30 software projects. Our specialists took internship in Intel and Microsoft.

The company employs 18 full-time developers (3 PhD-s among them) plus 5 contractors. We mostly develop microservices in Java/Kotlin/C# on cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), front-end is done in Angular/React.

The company specializes in complex software outsourcing projects in data mining and machine learning, and 24/7 big data processing.

We have particular experience in complex event processing (CEP) with application to multi-thread simultaneous real-time event streams (JBoss Drools / Flink).

Good experience in mobile development (Sberbank's mobile application, YotaPhone 2 firmware applications etc.) allows conforming to today's world mobility trends. We have an active mutual patent with Siemens WO 2015094004 A1, several others have also been filed.

Our customers:

  • Siemens AG, Germany (more than 1000 Siemens employees use our software on daily basis)
  • CERN, Switzerland (Large Hadron Coliderа data analysis)
  • Federal Power Grid Company, Russia (High-voltage 500/750 kV power line ice monitoring system control system )
  • Yota Devices
  • a dozen of smaller companies

We're proud to have 10 years of great experience working for Siemens, CERN and Yota on their projects all around the world (US, India, Europe).