What makes us unique? Quality!

Each and every line of software code is thoroughly reviewed by teamleads. As a result our code is almost bugless. Our developers progress very quickly and are proud of their code. For example one of our projects with over 20 person-years complexity has only 45 bugs reported by the customer, the app is used daily by more than 500 engineers.

For the last several years we:

  • claimed a bug in Visual Studio (specifically in its compiler). The bug had been present for 13 years and Microsoft officially confirmed and fixed it. Probably a couple of satellites fell because of the bug ;)
  • found an undocumented behaviour that allows to crash .NET Garbage Collector
  • experienced many other interesting cases (we guarantee interesting and challenging projects :) )

We offer not just a salary, we offer growth of qualification to the top in the industry and, of course, the pleasure of solving complex interesting problems.

We are currently looking for professionals:

  • Java / Kotlin developer (cloud back-end)
  • Angular / React front end developer
  • C# / WPF developer

Highly appreciated:

  • knowledge of design patterns
  • addiction to refactoring
  • training certificates

Please drop your CV at:!